Hey kids, it’s been a minute.  It’s 10:00 pm and I’m actually tired, and it’s very unlike me to write anything on here before 4 in the morning.  Found a few gems while being a normal person with a regulated sleeping schedule, all the same.

Miami-based producers Dsan Powell & Gil Montiel deliver a 10 minute tech house banger.  Can’t wait to mix in and out of this with all sorts of freshness.

Dsan Powell & Gil Montiel

Can’t seem to find out much about this mysterious producer named Do Santos, but I did find this banger in the Top 10 Tech House charts on Beatport tonight.  It belongs, I think.  This link of the song may soon be ditched, so download here.

Do Santos – Noti Verisi

Also, a nice remix from the mystery man, Do Santos.

Alexis Cabrera – Dai Dai (Do Santos Remix)




– CasperTouch





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