3 months old…with Mercury//Nibc//Arto Mwambe//Viadrina//The Rapture//Aeroplane

To celebrate unofficialbootleg.com officially turning 3 months old on thursday I decided I would give myself a music weekend (this being two days spent not listening to any new music whatsoever, and just taking the time to enjoy the piles of fantastic stuff I’ve already had the opportunity to sort through). So in short sorry for the lack a fresh new music the past 2 days, I’ll more than try and make up for it the weekend.

I figure to start, all give you the three tracks I’ve probably listened to the most the past 3 days, these are definite must have buy or pirate whatever it takes.

We love Mercury over here, and with remixes as fun as this, it really isn’t hard to tell why. Jonas Rathsman included this in his Januari Mix and if you’re not dancing to this, well, you’re probably not human.

DJ Nibc & Patrick L – Call Me (Mercury Remix)

Arto Mwambe did some wonderful work here, from the bassline, to the vocal sample (which is to die for) it’s just awesome. get it get it get it.

Viadrina – Better (Arto Mwambe Remix)

And finally this last one, I’m convinced is amazing but it almost feels guilty pleasure-ish for some reason and I have no idea why (or it could be it feels kinda big room-ish). Either way it’s the most feel good sounding tune I’ve heard in a while, actually that’s a lie, there have been lots. This one is certainly one of the standouts though.

The Rapture – Sail Away (Aeroplane Remix) (Free DL!)

I’ll have more free music and mixes for you today don’t worry,

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