introducing: casper touch

Hey kids, I’m Adam.  When I’m DJing, I call myself Casper, for some reason.  I’m an occasional filmmaker, DJ, and full-time dance music enthusiast.  I got a set of direct-drive turntables for Christmas one year when I was about 17 years old, with the intentions of learning how to scratch.  That failed pretty quickly, to be honest, and a few years later I cleaned the dust off them and taught myself how to mix dance music, somewhat.  Being a full blown hip-hop head at the time, I was reluctant to jump on the bangwagon, but I was slowly warming up to this new Drum N’ Bass thing I’d been hearing, and inevitably I was eventually put onto house music.  Now I love house music, and haven’t looked back since.

The first track I’m going to post is “Genesis” by Turkish-born producer, based out of Berlin, “Sedat the Turkish Avenger”.  It isn’t a new track by any means, it’s actually from 2008.  The reason I’m posting this as my first track is ’cause it definitely played an important roll in putting me on to the filter house/french funk sound, and I spin a ton of this stuff.

Be patient, EPIC BUILD!


The next is an extremely fresh deep house track that I just found on Beatport.  “Soho” by producer/DJ Gemini, who is seemingly based out of Chicago, and representing on point with this oldschool 80s Chicago-house throwback.  Man, I don’t want to go to work today.


Soho – Gemini (to pick up the full track)


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