A touch of royalty

Speaking of Canadian producers, I’ve been paying close attention to Montreal duo “Prince Club” as of late.  I was first exposed to Prince Club when I heard “Love Jackson” dropped at a club while partying in Montreal, and in my drunken stupor I managed to heckle the DJ for the track name, all while managing to luckily remember it the next day.  Classy, I know.  Anyway, these guys are all over Beatport, and with support from the likes of Joris Voorn, Riva Starr, and Oliver $, they’re definitely worth checking out.

The duo dropped their new “Love Strong” EP today on Made to Play Records.  “Love Strong” is a deep feel-good single, that I find oddly reminiscent of the 1993 classic “Show Me Love” by Robin S.  I suggest you make your way on over to Beatport to check the second track off the EP called “Venice Groove”, a very bottom heavy late-night dub feel for you after party babies.

Prince Club – Love Strong

Also, here’s a mix they did for Ministry of Sound Radio.  This should most definitely have you dancing for the next hour.

– CasperTouch

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