alca pwnd :: feathers EP (12-3 recordings)

An artist on 12-3 recordings roster that I don’t think we have talked about at all is Alca Pwnd (the most mysterious member of their roster) and it just so happens that his newest EP is available today. I’ve been enjoying this release since getting it in my inbox last week and I’m excited I can finally share it with you all today!!

Wichita (Shelter Vocal Mix) is definitely my favourite on the two track release, the vocal sample is incredible, despite not being able to understand half of it and the song possesses a wonderfully happy and light energy about it. The whole release has a bit of an evolutionary beginning of time vibe to it, and the tribal drums in b-side Kinnikinic are a prime example of that, all blended together with some nice glittery spacey synths to complete the release.

Alca Pwnd – Feathers EP (via 12-3 Recordings)

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