Alexis Raphael // Into The Light // Hot Natured Remix

Hey everyone, so I’m also getting my lazy ass back on track after a small hiatus, due to a few random nice days here in St. John’s (hopefully they keep coming). Winter has been gone a while in most places around the world right now, and as I thankfully watch it disappear, slowly but surely, it just mostly gets me excited to start playing these tracks for more people. Springtime is in the air, summer is just around the corner, and summer means endless nights of dancing to dope jams with good friends. UK producer Alexis Raphael helps prepare us recovering cold Canadians ease into the good summer vibes with his new Into The Light EP. Buckle up for a ton of funky sub bass madness, sexy sampling, crazy FX and stabs that go real deep. I also want to make note of the Hot Natured remix, which is also off the scale dope. These are just snippets, but go cop the EP via le interwebz, and check this free mix by Alexis full of unreleased/exclusive tracks.

Alexis Raphael – Into The Light EP

Alexis Raphael – Ibiza Voice Podcast 2012

– CasperTouch

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