Clockwork & Avatism :: Archetypes EP (Dumb Unit)

Italian producers Clockwork & Avatism have come together for what is a fantastic collaborative piece of work that received its full release earlier this week via Berlin imprint Dumb Unit. Offering up three original tracks and one remix the EP is full of that deep & heavy bass we just can’t seem to get enough of. The title track Archetype is easily the lightest track gliding along with layered light synths and generally fantastic groove. Hail has a very familiar sound about it with a haunting vocal layer and and bouncy bass line, while Avatism’s remix of the same track hollows the sound out to make room for a much more dominant and deeper bass line. Finally One Trick Pony which I would consider my favourite track off the release is easily the most energetic while maintaing an extremely haunting quality with ¬†some very ghostly piano work.

Clockwork & Avatism – Archetypes EP (Buy it on Beatport)

– shawn par

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