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DJ Sneak is a Chicago legend, noted for being part of the second wave of house music producers hailing from the windy city, and is currently based out of Toronto. He is also quite possibly the most retweeted artist in house music this week. Why are people retweeting him, you ask? Well, I’m sure some of you are aware of the recent Twitter feud that went down between Sneak and Steve Angello of Swedish House Mafia. The feud mainly entailed Sneak taking jabs at Angello for being a fake actor DJ who “performs” using prerecorded sets, which there is video evidence of, and is something we don’t necessarily disagree with. I think it’s pretty obvious who we prefer out of the two producers, but I think it’s safe to say that Sneak has further proven himself with this new podcast full of funky jackin’ grooves.  Real house music lives, and it definitely isn’t pop music, know the difference kids.

DJ Sneak – DJMag Podcast

1. Those French Slackers – Sunday Morning – So Tasty 1
2. Fries & Bridges – Pipe Cleaner – Robsoul
3. Dimitri Max – Hit Wonder – Guesthouse Music
4. Mark Castley – People Gather Round – Blue Gritt Records
5. DJ Soydan – One Hand – Magnetic Recordings
6. Mehrnoosh – Blind Minded (Jordan Peak’s Rouge Rework) – Escapism Musique
7. Ali Scott & Alcatraz Harry – Fresh P – Love Not Money Records’
8. Housing Authority (Dbow & Lou Cass) – Dash o Swang – Promo
9. Ramon Tapia – Don’t Go (Original Mix) – Magnetic Recordings
10. Scrubfish – Back On The Block – Lutefisk Records
11. Tripmastaz Dubs Vol 1 – Knocks Dub – Plant 74
12. Osbourne & Anderson – Noho – Play It Down

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