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Dustin Brown first got in contact with us a couple months ago and despite the vibe of his mixes being a bit outside of our usual tastes they caught my attention. They’re tight and a blend a lot of new sounds with old school vibes, samples, and groovy bass lines creating a unique atmosphere and feel throughout them. We’ve since chatted a few times and agreed it would be best if he introduce you to both of his mix series…

Tasty Burger Disco
“I first started out the Tasty Burger Disco series by making jackin’ house mixes with the emphasis being on soul, funk, & disco sounding bootlegs. A special part of the series are the fun samples taken from “Pulp Fiction”, which is where the series name originated from. While this was a great deal of fun and it was growing somewhat in popularity, I frankly got tired of making house mixes all of a sudden. I’ve played house music for over 10 years, and now it just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. Then, out of nowhere, appeared Slo & Midtempo Disco rhythms. Starting with Volume 8, I began slowing things down to about 110 bpm…however still putting an emphasis on soul, funk, disco, and also nu disco vibes from beginning to end. The series became much more popular and gained a lot more exposure by transitioning over to this sound. It also allowed me to start incorporating original tracks from the 70’s & 80’s which I always wanted to do alongside other re-edits. To sum it up simply, I prefer to play warm tones & sounds with deep funky groovy bass lines. No matter the genre that’s how I see music.  I believe the latest Tasty Burger Disco (Volume 11) incorporates the most well balanced sound of any of the volumes to date. The next Tasty Burger Disco (Volume 12) will be out near the end of March” – Dustin Brown

Tasty Burger Disco (Volume 11) – Royale (Free Download)

Aural Voyage Series
“I wanted to have another series to throw other music into that would spread out further than the Tasty Burger Disco Series would allow, thus I started Aural Voyage. It will look to incorporate the sounds of Indie, Nu Disco, Downtempo/Hip-Hop, Space Disco, etc… in furture volumes of this series. The current volume titled “The  Journey” is filled with Indie, Space, & Nu-Disco vibes throughout. It was a bit challenging to get everything to work out in this mix, and overall I’m happy with the results. The positive here was that it challenged me to go outside the box that I was previously working in, grow more as an artist, and be more accepting of the imperfections that can occur when working with music. I think we all aspire to get better with our craft, and this mix really helped me see where I can improve and expand my thinking creatively. Another note for this series, just like in the TBD volumes, is that I’ll be using sound bytes & samples that help present the vibe of the mix. I believe it’s a great way to add more character and personality to the recording. The next Aural Voyage will be out in April.” – Dustin Brown

Aural Voyage – The Journey (Free Download)

An active member of the West Coast Collective, you can keep up to date with everything they’re up to as well as head over to Dustin’s soundcloud to check out the previous 10 volumes of the Tasty Burger Disco Series.


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