einsauszwei :: Black Drop EP (forthcoming on Jeahmon!)

The kings of the subtle groove are back and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve been a big fan of einsauszwei since receiving some of their re-edits last January and with each release since it seems as though they’re only getting better. Masters of the decks (check out the crazyjack podcast) their skill is equally as evident throughout their original productions. Their latest release, the Black Drop EP is set to be released in 2 weeks on JEAHMON! and features three beautifully crafted original tracks plus a remix from Sasch BBC & Caspar (not to be confused with our own Casper).

The first, and title track Black Drop is a definite dance floor burner with its driving percussive elements and continually rising synths, sure to send any crowd into fits as it builds and builds. Next up is I Want, an extremely groovy and tension building burner, featuring a repetitive but catchy pitched down vocal hook. Lastly, Between The Feet, my favourite of the three originals, effectively uses a wonderful light melody over some haunting and low moaning bass-y tones to create that perfect 5am feel we love so much.

As for that remix by Sasch BBC & Caspar, well, it absolutely kills. Their take on Between The Feet is much heavier but no less effective. Adding an extremely groovy bass line as well as a couple varied synth lines which help maintain that beautiful einsauszwei tension.

einsauszwei – Black Drop EP (forthcoming on JEAHMON!)

Also keep an ear out for some new stuff coming out on their own Ellie The Cat label in the near future!

happy wednesday,
shawn p

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