Fast and Chill

Some people seem to think Drum N’ Bass is a more abrasive sounding genre in a lot of ways, mostly because of the higher tempo (not that I personally can’t get down with the dirty jump-up DNB), but like most genres of EDM, there’s most likely something out there catering to all ears.  Here are a couple of tracks with a more laid back “liquid” Drum N’ Bass feel.  4:20 appropriate.


UK based Drum N’ Bass producers Jakwob and Etherwood turn this sexy Lana Del Rey track “Video Games” into a melodic, feel good DnB jam.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Jakwob and Etherwood Remix)


Yet another UK Drum N’ Bass duo killing this style and sound, who go by the name of  “SpectraSoul”, manage to properly deliver a killer Liquid DnB feel in “The Gift”.  Soulful vocal loops, and that classic sub bass that rolls throughout the song, maintaining a proper partnership with those keys.  Be on the lookout for the whole Shogun Audio label, those guys have this sound on lock.  Check a preview of “The Gift” by SpectraSoul right hurrr.

SpectraSoul – The Gift



Toronto knows Drum N’ Bass.  From what I’ve gathered, Toronto is second to only London in terms of having a vibrant and active Drum N’ Bass community, so we’d be crazy to think that there isn’t some up and coming dopeness here in Canada.  So, on that note, check this track by Missasauga based DnB producer, DJ Vader, representing the High Tolerance Crew and Sinister Recordings.  Big shouts to that whole crew.

DJ Vader – Crystal


– CasperTouch



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