feng shui everyday: krystle hayden’s top 11 of ’11

Today we’ve got another guest post here on UB. If you’ve ever been to a dance party in St. John’s, or even walked down Water St. and came across a show poster you should be at least a little familiar with the name Krystle Hayden. She’s been DJing for longer than you have and she has one of the most unique sounds in town. Here’s what she had to say about 2011:

Whoa! I have to say that 2012 has started out with a bang for the electronic music community. For those of you who made it out to “feng shui. the afterparty.” @ Wall-Nuts, you understand. For those of you who didn’t, you missed a time! We had a bouncy castle, the party limo(apparently i’m not allowed to say the word that begins with a B and ends in an S, sounds like BS, I know), costume boxes, cuddle puddles, and headliner Mary Hell to put the icing on the cake. I gotta say, I was impressed by the diverse group of people who came out to support. Many thanks to you all!

Looking back on 2011, I wanted to leave you with some of my favourite productions of the year, a top eleven of 2011 (which, may I interject, was not my idea. Someone far more brilliant than me suggested it). Some producers included in the list I have been following for years now and are my all time favs, while others I have just recently discovered and have high hopes for in the future. A couple of these tracks I have played to death this year, and a few were just dug up in December. Either way, I hope you enjoy my selections, and stay tuned for my upcoming shows in the new year, I promise to keep diggin` up the freshest of beats!

1. Cassius- I

So I was tempted to include a track from the new Kanye West and Jay-Z collaborative album, “Watch the Throne”, but I didn’t. May I say however, I am a huge fan of the album and they do do a version of this track on there. This particular remix is by a producer named Bowski, who I have been keeping a very close eye on since stumbling upon earlier this year. He is pretty much brand new to the production scene so I am very excited to see what he will do in the near future.

2. Slap in the Bass- Egypt (Hostage Remix)

I will admit, the first time I heard this track I had to think twice about it. It’s a little weird. However, I do seem to like things that are weird, and upon repeated listening it has made it`s way into my set list rotation. This beat is oozing with a personality all of its own. From its one word obscure vocal, to the moombahton break, its got a unique vibe that makes your body do just that, vibe uniquely.

3. Sneaky Soundsystem- We Love (Bart B More Remix)

I LOVE this track. I have been playing it over and over again at pretty much every show I have played in the last four months. Its positive, uplifting, and got a dirty bassline; what more could you want!
Take the advice given in the vocal here though and don’t tell your mother about this one, she probably won’t appreciate it like we do.

4. Bass Kleph & Chris Arnott- We Feel Love

I heard this track for the first time when Bass Kleph played live in St. John`s earlier this year. I loved it immediately, and memorized the lyric to try and find it through the lovely assistance of google at a later date. However, it was no where to be found. It was not released until several months after that show, at which time my heart sang when I was finally able to purchase it and add it to my crate. It is such an uplifting tune and makes you wanna go hug all your friends. Apparently it brings out the cheesy, softer side of me.

5. Don Diablo- Animale (TWR72 Remix)

From the get go, this track is going somewhere. It’s driving forward with a thumping bass line and instantly your following behind like an eager puppy. The sultry voice of Dragonette’s, Martina Sorbara kicks in and suddenly you are enticed that much further. Get behind her like she says, its worth the ride.

6. Stanton Warriors- Superstar (Album Mix)

All I ask is that you give this one 15 seconds. That`s when the drop hits and you begin to understand why I added this fiery breakbeat to the list. I feel like I could scale a tall building whilst listening to this track. It`s super inspirational and high energy, typical of my favourite producers of all time, Stanton Warriors. If you like this, be sure to check out their full album from which it came, “The Warriors“, released in March of this year.

7. Fake Blood- Medieval

Hailing from London, England, Fake blood, AKA Dj Touche does it again. Since 2009, this guy has been pumping out solid tracks, with notable remixes of artists such as Mike Snow and Calvin Harris. This track kinda reminds me of Zelda but with a drop o` bass. It is sure to make any dance floor fall into a transcendental state.

8. Adam K & Soha- Circadian Rhythm

Earlier this year I had this track on repeat for probably a straight month. I think I made myself sick of it to be honest because I have not thought of it in forever. I do feel it’s noteworthy enough to be included here though. Also, big up to these Canadian producers as they are the only ones representing here. What can I say, I like my beats from the UK.

9. Housemeister & POS- Weird Friends

Fresh out on the Boysnoize Record label, this track was the very first track I ever played in 2012. I kicked off my set on New Years @ 5:30am with this ‘bangin’ tune'(as Annie Mac would say). And judging by the dancefloor, it was a wise choice. It`s got that hip hop meets electro mash up that I gravitate toward in my track selection, making the electro a bit more tolerable for the ears. This track was originally released minus the vocal on Housemeister`s album earlier this year `Music is Awesome` under the name `Hirschkeule`.

10. Phantogram- Turning into Stone

Off Phantogram`s new EP, `Nightlife`, this track is by far my top pick. And maybe it has to do with the fact that 2011 was the year i ‘turned into stone’, in a metaphorical way, obviously. It was a year of becoming grounded for me, through massive amounts of yoga practice, and I found this track to be great accompaniment to me on my mat. Speaking of which, I may have to play this one at my upcoming gig at Nova Yoga on February 9th.

11. Maceo Plex- Gravy Train (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

Big thanks to Zzach Nnash for introducing me to this producer who was new to me this year. I have been secretly chilling out my collection in hopes of playing earlier night lounge gigs in the near future, and this guy totally fits in with the direction I am headed. His stuff has a very unique vibe that is both comforting and peppy, a lovely way to start an evening of dancing. Be sure to get his name spelled right when searching for him though; I came up short initially by typing Nicholas and/or Jarr.

ppeace, zzach (on behalf of the wonderful Krystle Hayden)

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