Flubba :: Can’t Wait EP// 12-3 Recordings

I’ve been on a short posting hiatus while waiting to get internet sorted out in my new summer accommodations, but now it’s here and it is quickly becoming apparent just how much good music I’ve unfortunately had to miss out on (and only now catch up on). So it seems only fitting that I will start my return with some fantastic new music from our friends over at 12-3 Recordings. Considered their best release to date, this latest gem comes from Aaron Lifton aka. Flubba, a 19 year old producer from New York. His Can’t Wait EP is his debut on the 12-3 imprint and an extremely strong one at that.

The title track is absolutely killer, capturing an absolutely stunning mood and vibe perfect for any and every late summer night on the dancefloor. Secondly Forever is a very percussive track featuring a very subtle yet effective vocal line that I personally find really drives the energy of the song for me. My second favourite track on the release feels like an extension of Can’t Wait (yes I would like it if that track were 5 minutes longer), Can’t Remember is an extremely jackin’ track, a people mover if you will, that is sure to get some peak time play as it exudes such energy. Finally the four tracker closes with the deep melodies and soothing vocals of I Wanna Know, a beautiful laid back tune with a lovely emphasis on some smooth keys and guitar (I think), that they have tacked on as a bonus free download, so get it, as the beatport release doesn’t include this last gem.

Flubba – Can’t Wait EP (Buy on Beatport)

– shawn par

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