Free Music Tuesday :: Lane 8, Patryk Niedziela, Alcatraz Harry (Love Not Money Records)

We all know Tuesday to be the day major labels generally release new music every week, thankfully in the world of dance music this is not the case, and even more thankfully there’s an incredible amount of amazingly produced free music being given away on the regular.

Yesterday I came across three newly released tracks, all free, and all impressive.

With the recent influx of 90’s pop vocals on the scene you could almost say the whole thing is getting played out, but I completely disagree. It evokes some cheesy nostalgia and honestly has made for some extremely impressive tracks. Lane 8’s rework of Brandy’s Never Say Never is no exception, leaving the vocals alone and creating a smooth slice of sexy house music.

Brandy – Never Say Never (Lane 8 Rework)

Secondly Love Not Money Records is celebrating an extremely successful first year in the business with the release of the Alcatraz Harry edit we’ve all wanted to get our hands on, his remix of Blackstreet’s No Diggity. Creating an absolute tech house monster featuring a whole lot of that rolling bass we love so much.

Alcatraz Harry – That Blackstreet Bootleg

Finally, Patryk Niedziela has been doing nothing but impressing us as of late. Ever since Viadrina posted one of his tracks we’ve been all over this guy, and his latest track is no exception. Uprising is a fucking (excuse my language) beautiful piece of deep house, the kind of track I could listen to on repeat for hours. The vocal is smooth, the melody easy on the ears, and the overall vibe blissful. You’ve got to hear this track!

Patryk Niedziela – Uprising

happy tuesday,
shawn par

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