friendly fires – hurting // benoit & sergio remix ++ more

Benoit and Sergio are certainly not one to put a label on, except for maybe generally light and happy. as i combed through their soundcloud my ears were lightly tossed all over the place and i stumbled across a few delightful treats.

their remix of Friendly Fires ‘Hurting’ is a sensational aural treat, the hypnotizing intro will catch you and well, there ya go.

friendly fires – hurting (benoit & sergio remix) …it apparently does not exist on soundcloud, and copyright restrictions wont allow me to load it there : (

walk and talk’s bassline makes you move and the vocal sample adds a nice fun layer on top, “my baby does K all day”…. haha or at least thats what i’m hearing.

Benoit & Sergio – Walk and Talk (Original Mix)

more of a chilled out vibe for sure, but still featuring enough groove for the winter months. the kick should keep you bouncing along, probably while wrapped in a blanket.

Benoit & Sergio – Day Residue

and oh, did i mention we have some real fun treats to tell you guys about soon, maybe a slightly belated christmas gift? new years gift? those exist, right?

laugh around,


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