Gavin Herlihy :: Positive Thing (Get Physical Music)

Gavin Herlihy’s latest EP was released yesterday by Get Physical Music and as with his previous two releases on Leftroom Records¬†& Crosstown Rebels, this one is absolutely dope featuring three original tracks and one remix from some of my favourite collaborators, Inxec & Droog. The title track, Positive Thing builds and builds featuring a deep bass line and some fantastic synth work and makes way for Inxec & Droog’s even deeper take on the track, radiating an ambient vibe through out. The third track Rhea¬†highlights some funky 80’s-ish synth work, while the final track How We Do It is driven by percussion and an underlying funky bass line.

I suspect you’ll be hearing a lot of these tracks with the huge amount of support I’m sure they’ll receive.

Gavin Herlihy – Positive Thing (Buy on Beatport)

– shawn par

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