Greg from Thugfucker // DJ set from Robot Heart Villa (Mexico)

Greg Oreck is one half of acclaimed New York-based house music duo, Thugfucker. Earlier today we were smoking one and chilling to an older mix of his from 2009. The shit had some seriously dope vibes, so we went on the hunt for a newer mix. In turn, we were treated to a stellar 3 hour mix by Greg, which also happens to be the closing set of a 14 hour party at Robot Heart Villa in Mexico. Greg is clearly not afraid to surprise his audience with something fresh, which is very evident as he flexes everything from acid house to hip-hop, (and not to mention a whole bunch of other jazzy soulful goodness) over a 3 hour span. Summer is coming to an end folks, it’s been fun. Play, party, and reminisce.

Greg from Thugfucker DJing at Robot Heart Villa – Mexico Jan 2012

– CasperTouch

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