homework while i homework

Hej, what’s up?

I’m currently in the midst of writing a gigantic final paper about documentary film. The following music makes it acceptable to be trapped in the library on both Friday and Saturday night. Homework are probably my favorite producers. If you’ve ever seen me play I’ve definitely played some Homework.

Jet Project (featuring Electric J)- Alright (Homework Remix)

Crystal Fighters- Champion Sound (Homework Remix)

Homework- Love Ray

And here is their latest mix, it’s full of music I’ve been posting about lately.
Homework-Baskstage Mix # 2

And if you like mixes like I do you should probably check out the Eats Everything Essential Mix. I usually find essential mixes from the BBC have too much talking in them, this has the talking too but I guarantee you can listen to the whole thing.
Eats Everything- BBC radio 1 Essential Mix

And as a bonus, because it just dropped, here’s the newest Eats Everything Remix.
Death on the Balcony- Them Three Words (Eats Everything More Than Friends Remix)

ppeace, zzach.


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