here at unofficialbootleg we’ll really be getting things started over the next couple days, and what better way to do that then with a few intros. ill start things off and our two other contributors zzach nnash (zach nash) and casper touch (adam harding) will be checking in soon enough

im shawn parsons or shawnpar as you’ll get to know me here and im a music fan/consumer/mixer/producer and an actor, thats what i mostly do, anything theatre or film related, but music kind of drives it all somehow anyway.

i figure this being a music blog the best way to introduce myself would be through a few tracks that i really admire.

this first track is a very recently released remix from Mord Fustang who has been releasing nothing but pure madness lately. taking this morgan page track and adding a very heavy yet enjoyable electro house flair to it

In the Air – Morgan Page (Mord Fustang Remix)

second is a track from TJR and is a remake of his own track, Booty Move. putting a funky techy touch onto things he really brings this track into 2011 or 3011 as he says

Booty Move (3011 Remake) – TJR

and finally is what i would have to say is my all time favourite piece of music/song of ever. i may get some shit for this from my fellow bootleggers but i really do have a soft spot for the mau5 and more specifically for strobe, which i think is without a doubt the best piece of music ever written. its unbelievable, deadmau5 simply nails it. perfection.

Strobe – Deadmau5

so thats it for me for now, as this ball really starts rolling…

dont take anything serious ever, have fun,


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