Jack Union // 5th Year Anniversary EP (Preview Mix)

I’ve been a close follower of Jack Union Records for about 2 years now, and I can’t see myself stopping any time soon. Fronted by DJ/producer extraordinaire, the man known as HiJack, this crew still holds the throne as one of my favorite labels, without a doubt. It’s hard to get bored of their bottom heavy fidget house style, and even with that said, it’s hard to put their sound in any sort of box. The entire roster seamlessly takes my favorite parts of electro house, blends it in with a nice tech vibe, and lets you know that they definitely aren’t afraid to slam you with a taste of techno from time to time. They’re releasing a 5 year anniversary EP, and HiJack threw together this pretty well flawless mix to give us a sneak peak. Release date is September 17th, enjoy the preview mix!

Jack Union 5th Anniversary EP (Preview Mix)

01. Hijack – Change
02. The Potato Heads – Box Beat
03. Chitown – Macho Man Randy Savage
04. Kimba – Castlevania
05. Tom EQ – So What
06. Jeff Doubleu & Wotsisname – Needy
07. Robert Boogert – It Ain’t Love
08. Hijack – Wanted
09. Vukasin & The Potato Heads – Think
10. Chitown – Trump It
11. Vukasin – On and On

– CasperTouch

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