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Unofficialbootleg writer CasperTouch takes a few minutes to catch up with Dutch-based house DJ/producer Jeff Doubleu, currently living in South Africa.  Not pigeonholed to any particular genre, Jeff has proven himself capable of delivering quality production with a variety of different sounds, and it’s clear that he delves into everything from electro, to techno, to deep house, to tech house, to fidget house.  By the age of 20, he’s had releases on some of the worlds biggest independent dance labels, such as Dim Mak, Jack Union, and Southern Fried.  Check it out!

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UB: Hey Jeff, so you and Skitzofrenix have been dropping a ton of techno flavored bangers lately.  Any other upcoming releases in the works that you’re allowed to mention?

Jeff Doubleu: Me and Skitzofrenix have been working very close for the last year or 2 and since the support from Avicii, Tiesto and the Swedish House Mafia, we’ve had a lot of response on our new tracks. It’s all going to be bigger and better from here on out haha, and we are actually proud to announce a re-release of Rushin with our new rework, soon on Spinnin Records.

UB:  You’re originally from Holland, but currently living in South Africa.  How does the scene in South Africa differ from the scene in Holland?

Jeff Doubleu: To be honest the South African scene is in worse shape than I anticipated, there is a lack of appreciation for a lot of cool music styles, people are stuck on the radio hits. Where Holland is one of the strongest scenes in the world, with a lot of diversity. But then again that is just my opinion and radio hits aren’t always bad, but to me it seems that if you go out to a club you want to hear new music, and not the music you’ve heard all day long on the radio.

UB: If you were to recommend a club for Canadians to visit while traveling Holland, which would you recommend?

Jeff Doubleu: There are a lot of cool clubs in Holland, but to name a few, there is Escape Amsterdam with Marc Benjamin every Thursday, very cool vibe and big room music! Also every Thursday at Manhattan in Arnhem is Franky Rizardo, who is killing it at the moment! It mostly depends on what music you like, because most clubs in Holland are up to a high standard.

UB: How did you originally get hooked up with Jack Union Records?

Jeff Doubleu: I can’t really remember, I met up with Hijack before I really started producing in Eindhoven at one of his first gigs in Holland, and started talking about the style of music we both liked a lot. After a year or so I sent him some tracks and we got to a point where we started planning  releases and coming up with ideas for collabs, such as myself and Tom EQ as the Potato Heads, and me and Hijack together eventually for a 4-track collab EP

UB:  How did you initially get into DJing and producing?

Jeff Doubleu: I started producing before I started DJing, mainly because I wanted to record riffs from my guitar onto my computer, I failed to do so haha, and started making the things I played on my guitar with electronic sounds from VST’s and samples. After a while, I got my first gig at a party close to my hometown with Don Diablo as a headliner, and at that
time I had never DJ’d before, so I was kind of stressing out haha. I linked up with Dirk Dali, one of the better DJ’s I know from my hometown and asked him if he could help me out a bit, so I had an afternoon of playing music with him and practiced at home some more after the tips he gave me, up until my first gig. Which went pretty well, but of course all the beginner errors where there haha.

UB: What equipment do you use to produce?

Jeff Doubleu: I use my Sony Vaio Laptop together with a mouse to make my music in FL studio/Ableton

UB:  What are you listening to right now?

Jeff Doubleu: I’m listening to a lot of things, from deep house to electro to dubstep and back to house haha. But I’m really starting to get into the big electro sound with the hyped up breaks and tough basslines. One of the producers to really look out for is Tommy Rocks, heard some of his stuff the other day, very powerful and well written.

UB:  Any plans to tour North America in the foreseeable future?

Jeff Doubleu: I would love to tour North America, but this year the focus lies on Europe and South Africa.

UB:  Drink of choice while playing and on tour?

Jeff Doubleu: No particular choice, but I do enjoy my beers. Although, lately I like just drinking water.

UB:  One artist you’d love to collaborate with?

Jeff Doubleu: I’d love to work with someone like Diplo or Switch, they have no fear of experimenting with different styles, and I’d be honored to even get a glimpse of their workflow in a studio room.

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A few originals, remixes, collabs, and mixes from the man himself!

Jeff Doubleu – Red Lights (clip)

Jeff Double & Skitzofrenix – Highest Grade EP

The Potato Heads (Jeff Double & Tom EQ) – Truffle Shuffle

HiJack vs Jeff Doubleu – The Ghetto

– CasperTouch

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