Jesse Rose & Oliver Dollar // Sample Pleasures Mixtape

Jesse Rose & Oliver $ just put out a free track/mixtape, which is absolutely great news for our ears.  This dynamic duo of house music heavy hitters took an acapella album from the 80s, and morphed it into a straight up onslaught of jackin’ dance floor jams with some of the most original and groovin’ vocal samples I’ve heard in quite some time.

Kudos to

Jesse Rose & Oliver $  – Sample Pleasures Mixtape

1 Intro
2 Park My Car
3 Changes Them
4 Sample Pleasures
5 Come For Me Dub
6 I Want All
7 Walkie Talkie
8 Come For Me
9 The Worry Knots
10 Parked
11 Outro

– CasperTouch



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