Catz N Dogz // Jon Bovi

When I was reading the interview that Shawn did with Sticky Stockholm earlier I was really impressed with what Sticky said his favourite tracks of 2011 were. This list was strikingly similar to what I would have called some of my favourites of 2011; we’ve blogged the hell outta Luca Lozano, Prince Club and Sandy Loops, and I love Catz n Dogz but for some reason none of us have ever written about them in blog-land. So here you have it, jon bovi (one of the most amazing songs of 2011) as well as the dirty version (which is even better if you ask me) and the mix that introduced me to this duo!

Catz n Dogz- Jon Bovi (Original Mix)

Catz n Dogz- Jon Bovi (Dirty Version)

Catz n Dogz RA Mix 242

llove, zzach

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