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Here in St. John’s, especially the part of town I’m from, we’re unfortunately not very accustomed to DJs mixing at house parties.  A few months ago, some friends threw a hilarious disco themed party and asked me to DJ.  Since I rarely get the opportunity to play a house party around here, and a good portion of what I listen to and play has a 70s/80s throwback feel, I was happy to do it up (long live BYOB).  Before I started DJing at the party, I threw on this mix by mysterious house music duo Tiger & Woods as people were coming in.  Extremely groovy, stupid sexy, this mix helps bring them up slow in just about any setting.

Very little is known about these guys.  They don’t leave a track list with their mixes, and people seems to have a hard time figuring out what part of the world they’re from.  What I do know is that they’ve been releasing some of the freshest edits this year, with bass lines that refuse to leave my head for a couple of days, at least.

And their new remix of Body Language – Falling Out – (original mix) is absolute madness.  It makes my ears feel real nice.

Body Language – Falling Out (Tiger & Woods Remix)

– CasperTouch

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