late nite // early morning…

lately ive found myself absolutely addicted to more chill, not necessarily down-tempo, but laid back cruising through the internet kind of beats (tho any of these tracks would be just as effective if dropped late nite in any DJs set)

Sinc Daniel Sanchez – New Day (Original Mix)
this deep house track is an absolute killer track! its suitable to any situation and has been playing out my speakers non-stop for the past few weeks! check it! you wont be disappointed!

1984 – Theme from 1984 (Original Mix)

another deep and techy gem from 1984. the percussion kills, and the bassline is completely infectious, bouncing along. its got this whole space jungle feel to it. something to add to any playlist a.s.a.p.

and finally two remixes from Goldroom

Poolside – Do You Believe? (Goldroom Remix) 

its discoey summery goodness, despite the fact that many places have just recently been pounded by snow. so close your eyes, pretend its still summer and enjoy this slick remix of Poolside’s gem of a track.

  Gigamesh – Red Light (Goldroom Remix)
posted on his soundcloud just earlier today, goldroom produces an absolutely mesmerizing take on the original. it is nothing but candy for the ears.


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