Madi Diaz // Trust Fall // Jensen Sportag Remix

So, I decided to do a bit of a follow-up post on the Jonas Rathsman mix we posted a few days ago.  Right off the hop, I was haunted by the first track he played in his new “Januari Mix”.  For a while, I found myself repeating the first 2 minutes of the mix just to hear the first drop, so the mix probably lasted me the entire day before making it to the end (this happens a lot).  Jonas posted a track list for the mix (THANK YOU!), and the haunting intro happens to be a remix of “Down we go” by Nashville pop/folk singer Madi Diaz.

And through this track, I was introduced to Nashville duo Austin Wilkinson and Elvis Craig, also known as Jensen Sportag.  I’m posting this track separate from the mix because there’s a switch up in the song that isn’t in the mix, and if you like the ridiculously sexy vocals of Madi Diaz as much as I do in this remix, you’ll be having a great day.  This jam is ridiculously good.

Madi Diaz – Trust Fall (Down we go Jensen Sportag Remix)

– CasperTouch


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