Matthias Vogt // Wake Up Call

Here in St. John’s, we’re known for our foggy skies, but as of late I can happily say that summer is here. Mother nature hooked us the fuck up this year, pardon my French. The weather is warm, accompanied by a beautiful breeze, the drinks are flowing, the smell of kush circulates the air on an enjoyably regular basis, and most importantly, people are out dancing and having fun more often.

You gotta’ love when a deep jam simply sets a feel-good mood. When a song gives you the option of grooving out on the floor OR kickin’ back and chilling out, then you know it’s a super dope deep house track. Wake Up Call EP by Germany-based Matthias Vogt out on Large Music is a fine example of this, all the way through. The original mix has an undeniably addicting Chicago house feel, layered with psychedelically soothing synths, and some gangster ass vocal loops. I think it’s safe to say that this EP will be in heavy rotation for me this summer season. Ian Pooley executes an extremely well done jackin’ tech house groove, with a lot less synth, but a lot more jack.

Matthias Vogt – Wake Up Call (Original Mix)

Matthias Vogt – Wake Up Call (Ian Pooley Remix)

– CasperTouch

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