Mr.Slice – Bubble Disco

Getting started on that big 2012 he is sure to have, the UK’s favourite up and coming frenchman posted a wonderful original treat up on his soundcloud yesterday. Categorized as “disco from space,” and I would say Mr. Slice has just about nailed it!! The song is bouncy fun, with a nice pitched up vocal-ish sample, and a just as wonderful deep and bouncy bass line (which really makes the track for me!!)

Favourite it on soundcloud, share it, listen, do whatever it is you do, just be sure to show this man this man some love for some great original work!!

Mr. Slice – Bubble Disco (Original Mix)

And if that 5 minutes wasn’t enough, you can always check back to our interview with the Mister himself, here. Guillaume gave us a little insight as to what 2012 has in store for Mr. Slice, as well as a wonderful little exclusive release of his January Mix Part Tw0.

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