mr. slice // january 2012 mix part one (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Mr. Slice creates mixes that are fantastic (his originals too) featuring all kinds of nu-disco, nu-funk, deep house goodness, and part one of his January 2012 mix is definitely no exception. next week we’ll be havin’ a chat with him to ask him everything about music and mixin, what he likes to do in his spare time (if he has any), all that fun stuff. he’ll also be sending us along an exclusive of his january 2012 mix part two, which he promises to be more “deep”.

but for now meet and enjoy Mr. Slice, acquaint yourself with these delightful FREE mixes, we’ll have more from him next week.
…i have a feeling 2012 is going to be very kind to him.

Mr. Slice’s Mixtapes

enjoy // shawnpar


  1. muriel greeley says:

    Great article Shawn Look forward to the follow up

    Nan AKA Muriel

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