Mr Slice // January 2012 Mix Part Two (unofficialbootleg exclusive)

And here it is, Mr Slice’s fantastic part 2 of his January 2012 mix which he has been so kind to send over exclusively to us. Enjoy the deepso/nu-disco/deep house sounds as well as FREE DOWNLOAD (he’s nice like that), as well as the interview I had a chance to do with him…after the mix.

 Mr Slice // January 2012 Mix Part Two

ub: who the f**k is Mr. Slice and when did you first get introduced to dance music?

MS: Mr Slice is a French DJ living in Brighton at the moment. I got into music a long time ago, maybe 10 years or something. I started with turntables first, I was and I’m still a “turntablist” with the French crew ‘008prod’.
I started getting into dance music about 4 years ago. I’m open minded, I had a good feeling about it and so I decided to try it.

ub: some musical highlights of 2011?

MS: I’d say some musical highlights for 2011 would be Dcup, Is Tropical, Jonas Rathsman, Maceo Plex, The Swiss, Ilya Santana, Moon Boots, and so many more…it would take me too long to tell you everything!

But my favorites tracks at the moment are:

-Moby – The Right Thing feat Inyang Bassey (Cosmonauts Remix)
-Ter Khan – Disco Addict (Walker & Royce Remix)
-Dato – Got To Get Out (Original Mix)
-Perseus – Running Back To You & more…

ub: your track selection in your mixes is impeccable, do you find yourself searching for music as much as youre making new music?

MS: As for what I spend more time doing, I think looking for music is top of the list, especially on Soundcloud and Beatport. I can spend hours just trying to find new tracks, it’s difficult to find the music I really like to mix with. There’s a lot of good stuff out there but it’s not always easy to get your hands on.

ub: whats your setup like when creating mixes at home/playing out live?

MS: My setup changes quite often, I don’t really have a favorite, I like to experiment with new things. Until recently I had Serato set up with my turntables, then my girlfriend introduced me to Traktor (yes, my girlfriend! 😉 ) with various controllers. I recorded the latest mixes with Traktor, I use it when I’m playing live too. But right now I’ve just bought a nice pair of CDJs which I can’t wait to start spinning!

ub: deepsco, is only like the coolest sounding new genre of 2011. it’s like deep house and nu-disco/ disco house had a baby right?

MS: Deepsco is exactly that, deep house and nu-disco merging together to produce something tastier than before. There are so many genres out there already, I just thought why not add something else, something a little more tailored to my tastes.

ub: and how about that electro swing sound you’ve been creating in your original productions, are there more of your own original tracks in the works?

MS: I’m working on new productions all the time, the Jazzy Fix EP is coming soon and there’s plenty more where that came from. At the moment my tracks are more centered around tech house or electro swing, but I can feel a change coming, I’d like to head more into the realms of nu disco and nu funk.

ub: your studio setup? what equipment are you always using? your favourite piece of gear?

MS: As for my production set up, Logic Pro combined with Kontakt 4 and a lot of plug-in are my main weapons of choice. My favorite piece of gear is my MacBook Pro (I sleep with him every night 😉 )

ub: now, we get serious. you’ve finished your set, its 3 am, what’s your favourite after set food?

MS: My favorite after set food? It’s got to be sushi hands down. Cook & sushi is another passion of mine, and I don’t mean restaurant sushi, I mean home-made sushi. I can make you some if you book me a ticket out to Calgary 😉

ub: where do you see electronic music heading this year? 

MS: For me, the future is electronic. Every year I see a little bit of acoustic music brought back to life and incorporated into the latest electronic sounds. I think combining the old and new is the way forward, like electro swing, nu funk, etc.

ub: what can we look forward to from Mr. Slice in the near future and later into 2012?

MS: There’s plenty of things to look forward to with Mr Slice this year, you’ll just have to watch this space 😉

much love//


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