Orphans STHLM // Limbo EP + Free Mix

Thank You 12-3 Recordings & Orphans STHLM for this fantastic release, I could go into details on each track but as with every 12-3 releease the press that comes with it is a way more enjoyable read than I could ever provide.

“Sci+Fi was originally called “Captain Morning and the vision of the Holy Dancers at the space mountain”, but the Orphans changed it. One can only imagine, however, the fierce discussions between the two, late nights in the studio. “The name is brilliant”, claims Andy. “Do you forget what decade we’re living in?”, answers Kasper. Silence. Headphones on again, continuing with the never ending work of producing that perfect house tune. 

Enter Limbo, the track made with no conflict involved, no painful, excruciating, agonizing, almost unbearable naming-process. Just joyful fiddling with a darling production, almost perfect from the beginning. From when it was just an embryo travelling between computers through a dropbox relay. “Cheers to that!”, says the the young lads who we call the Orphans. 

“I want, ney, NEED to make a track that expresses the feeling of bright jewels and exploding sharks!”, screams Kasper. Andy nods in silence and thoughtfully drinks his tea. “To work”, he utters. Duden is made that way, through the unified and focused silence of the two. 

Finally, they produce Camelowsow during a seven day straight peyote-like delerium in a cabin on the Polish coastline, drinking bison vodka, eating apple cake and making music to make you dance.” – 12-3 Recordings

Orphans STHLM – Limbo EP Out Today! February 8th!!

And just yesterday to get us all stoked for their new release they put out a FREE MIX!! Thanks guys!!

Orphans STHLM Balanga Megamix 19: Space Attack Bros. Free DL!

Tracklist: Cool Brothers – 32 Dip // MarzAttack! – Varona // Jules & Moss – Huisdieren // Strip Steve & Rynecologist – Kicker // Orphans STHLM – Duden // Format B – Oversexed // Dave Spoon, Danny Freakazoid, Strobe – Spoonazoid (Mario Ochoa Remix) // Solo – The Flea Circus // Mike Okay – Fogel // Sticky Stockholm – Cruncher // Tiger Stripes – Glorified (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) // Orphans STHLM – Sci+Fi // Disco Of Doom – Conkers (Mike Mago Remix) // Tame Impala – Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind? (Erol Alkan Rework) // Paul C – Tempo // Andhim – Bermudachords // Riva Starr – Black Cat, White Cat

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