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its tuesday, and that means yesterday the guys over at Our House Records officially launched their new monday minimix feature. this means every monday (for the next however long) theyre going to give us a 5 minute minimix from an artist under their banner, needless to say this has me pretty excited!

yesterday they kicked it all off with a mix from Realboy. now these are a couple of guys i generally really enjoy, hardworking youngins from out california way. there is really just soo much goodness coming from the west coast, its unbelievable!

in this 5 minutes youre going to find everything….System of a Down, Soulwax, Metallica, Herbie Hancock, Drop The Lime, even a new Realboy track hidden amongst the 5 brain exploding minutes. so sit back and enjoy or not, but I thinks its definitely something to get looking forward to on mondays!!!
Realboy- OHR 5min minimix

and of course id never just leave you with 5 minutes of awesome to get you through this tuesday, so i figure ill give out a few older realboy treats and give you a taste of what got me onto them in the first place.


its hard not to be immediately hooked by this one, that overly infectious “puttin on the ritz” hornline with the perfect keys layered just in under, realboy kinda takes this one to a super groovey and still clubby level.
Realboy – The Ritz

and a remix, of yes thats right, The Chordettes Mister Sandman, and its much needed and beyond fantastic. these guys just really know how blow classic samples up and make them work in the 21st century. The Chordettes – Mister Sandman (Realboy Remix)

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