Patryk Niedziela – Touch Me EP// We Are Your Music Mate

The folks over at Poland’s We Are Your Music Mate label just sent over their newest release – Patryk Niedziela‘s debut EP Touch Me, which come out later this week, on the 21st of October. The four track EP has a killer chill vibe, and a much different sound than the stuff we usually blog about. I’ve been really into Niedziela’s music since I first heard crossroads a while back when Viadrina posted a link to it on their facebook page. I highly recommend this to anyone who’s looking for the deep vibe without the driving house sound. For me, this is definitely opening or closing material, it also goes quite nice with activities like driving and lounging.

Patryk Niedziela – Touch Me EP


p.s. if you like this sound, check out his soundcloud page for a ton of free tracks.

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