Pigcity//Five Ways EP

Pigcity, a dj/producing duo from Tel Aviv, recently released an EP titled Five Ways on Zoo:Technique. This three song EP is awesome and includes two originals from Pigcity and a Remix from Bubba. Bubba’s remix of The Message is definitely one of the best new songs I’ve heard lately. Casper Touch dropped this one at Annnexe on Friday night and it totally blew me away. I suggest checking this out with a subwoofer, decent monitor speakers or in head phones to really appreciate how deep the bass is. Even if you don’t have a way to appreciate the bass you’ll probably fall for the tropical sounding steal drum in The Message anyway.

Pigcity- Five Ways EP Teaser

Pigcity- The Message (Bubba Remix)

ppeace, zzach

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