Prince Club // Tour

We’ve been showing love for Montreal duo Prince Club pretty much since we started the blog, and for good reason. This month, if you’re in Montreal, around France, Portland, or chillin’ in Brighton, you’ll get a chance to see these guys throw down on their exclusive headlining tour. Check this free 15 minute mini mix to refresh your memory (and ears) on their unique sound, and be sure to download, it’s FREE!

Prince Club February 2012 Babylon Radio Mini-Mix

Bitch – Samuel Dan
Soul Motion (&ME Remix) – Magit Cacoon & Nunu
Glorified (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) – Tiger Stripes
Platinum – Prince Club & Poupon
Tales Of 88 (Huxley Remix) – Elef
So Will Be Now feat. Pional – John Talabot
This Feeling (Cozzy D & Lee Brinx Back To 96 Remix) – Puente & Rosch

– CasperTouch



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