Resketch :: Reason for a Reason :: Infinite Machine

I’ll say this again, we’ve really been slacking on the posts lately. Life is busy, but it doesn’t mean we haven’t still been consuming amazing music on a daily basis. I went to Montreal a few weeks ago to visit some friends for some Halloween festivities. Besides drinking copious amounts of cheap Quebecois lager, watching lots of cheesy horror movies, and kicking it with some homies, I managed to link up with some cool cats who are contributing some great music to the dance music world.

I was introduced to Montreal label Infinite Machine by some friends, who are steadily on the rise and pumping out quality shit. In support of Canadian labels, and my love for the recent resurgence of all these amazing garage vibes that I’ve been hearing, I’m happy to share their newest release with your ears. Resketch is an upcoming producer from Liverpool, and his Reason for a Reason EP smashes hard, and goes deep, in true future bass fashion. Shuffling hats and stabbing rhythms, this is some 2-step dopeness.

– CasperTouch

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