Round Table Knights // Say What!? // Rambla Boys Remix

Myself, Shawnpar, and Zzach all dropped some niceness tonight here in St. John’s at PROFONDE, and the crowd was great, despite the rainy ass weather (rain over snow, anyday).  Check this treat though!  A brand new remix of “Say What!?” from our Italian friends, the Rambla Boys.  The bass in this track has crazy flavour , accompanied by some real bouncy stabs and an addicting hook.   The original cut is also nice as hell, delivered by Swiss house heavy-hitters Round Table Knights, and despite it being 5:30 AM and a dozen beer deep, these two tracks have me jackin’ in my drunken stupor.


(PS, Shouldn’t do posts while drinking.  Or should I?)

Round Table Knights – Say What!? (Rambla Boys Remix)

– CasperTouch



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