sacha robotti :: deep north mixtape (free DL!)

I’ve spent most of my day going back through the site, editing images, re-categorizing posts, doing the necessary work that comes with a revamp like this. It’s tedious, but will no doubt make the site way easier for everyone to enjoy and navigate. Once everything is in place I’ll give a full rundown all of the fun the stuff (it’s all pretty straight forward though, i hope). Anyway I’m taking a break getting upto no good for a bit, realistically wishing I was at the grapevine with Zzach & Casper (Adam).

I’ve had this post done for days and should have hit publish a while ago, it’s an awesome deep house mix from Sacha Robotti, and as is tradition with basically every mix we put up here, it’s a Free DL! Make sure to get this one!

Sacha Robotti :: Deep North Mixtape

and here’s a snippet of his new track released via Dirtybird, techfunk GOLD! Buy the full song on beatport!

Sacha Robotti – The Major (Original Mix) 

much love // shawnpar

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