some of my favorite producers right now…

what’s up everyone? We just hit 1000 views and we’ve only been doin this for a week. Thanks for following us.

Here’s some music from some of my favorite people producing music right now. 1 remix and 1 original each.

I’m a pretty big of nicolas jaar, here are two essential tracks of his:
No Regular Play- Own Me (Nicolas Jaar remix)

Nicolas Jaar- Hey Boy (Bluewave Edit)

I also really enjoy julio bashmore! his remix of the steal drums by the martin brothers is the best of the lot, and his original track craboon has an awesome chill deep house vibe, totally the sound I’ve been loving lately.
The Martin Brothers- Steal Drums (Julio Bashmore Remix)

Julio Bashmore- Craboon

maxxi soundsystem also makes amazing music! real house music with a bit of a disco twist.
Maxxi Soundsystem- Get Up!

The Two Bears- Bear Hug (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)

And, before i’m out of here, here are two more chill deep house tracks off the suol label out of berlin!
Chopstick and Johnjon- Obviously She Is A Whore

Daniel Bortz- Boyz2Men

ppeace, zzach


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