songs from the future

What’s up people?

I was sitting here doing school work when i decided that i needed some music. New music from MΔrri$ and Sinjin Hawke came up in my soundcloud feed, and it said that it was “posted 3 hours from now”. So here you go; music from the future. It’s got a futuristic sound anyway so it was fitting that doesn’t get released til later.
Sinjin Hawke and MΔrri$- One Kiss ANDITSFREE!!!

MΔrri$-The Warning

MΔrri$-Fishy Riddim

The Big Pink- Velvet (Mount Kimbie Remix)

Kontigo- The Essence

Fever Ray- Keep the Street Empty for ME (Fine Cut Bodies Remix)


  1. Mark Benson says:

    For a dope rap beat, dope rappin. Check out non-phixion – futurama.

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