sticky & sandy // blind tiger ep

Our favourite Swedish producing couple Sticky & Sandy released their new Blind Tiger EP today and as with everything they put their hands on this EP is full on wonderful tracks and fantastic samples. Hoboken beautifully merges a classic swing/speakeasy vibe with the deep house sounds they craft so superbly and Montauk is just atmospherically stunning, all kinds of hot dopeness in here!

“This Sticky & Sandy-EP aims for those backyard hidden bars, late nights with to much whisky, to reenact a perfectly stirred Old Fashioned through sound waves. Digging in the crates, choosing wildly from crackly samples and manic flutes, adding a contemporary touch and making it all house music, the vibes alone should be enough to make you dance your troubles away.” – Sticky & Sandy

Sticky & Sandy – Blind Tiger EP (Out Today via 12-3 Recordings)

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