Sticky Stockholm :: Good Thing EP (12-3 Recordings)

With the release of his 8000th EP this year Sticky Stockholm is back again. It hasn’t literally been that many but damn does he work hard to keep producing a variety of quality house music that is so frequently released via his own label 12-3 Recordings. His ‘Good Thing EP’ once again visits that real low end, so low in fact that nobody outside of his studio in Stockholm has been able to re-create it.

The title track ‘Good Thing’ has an old school early 90’s feel to it. Sticky’s effective use of the vocal sample has a real throwback feel to it and the overall energy of the song is classic. Secondly¬†‘How We Do’ is a traditional Sticky Stockholm track. The bass is bouncy and low, the vocals are chopped up and catchy and the melody is light and fun. Finally¬†‘Lockdown’ is crazy a bass heavy track that is nothing short of absolute fun, the almost tropical percussion elements really lift the track making it a true highlight of the EP.

Sticky Stockholm – Good Thing EP (Buy it on Beatport)

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