Stripped & Chewed // Volume 1

I assume that you’re a fan of house music, especially if you’re reading/following this site.  Well, if that is the case, you should know that Chicago is the birth place of house music.  Stripped & Chewed are a promising new label who hail from the highly respected windy city, and they just released an EP titled Stripped & Chewed Vol. 1.  On this compilation, you’ll be hearing a ton of Chicago-style influences jackin’ rhythms, and much more.  Each artist brings their own flavor their tracks, ranging in everything from deep, to jackin, to french and nu disco sounds.  This EP truly has something for everyone.  You can also thank this fine array of American, Canadian, and European heavy hitters for this onslaught of 4 on the floor dopeness –  SCR, The Black Madonna, Alec Carlsson, Broke One, JNL, Maxime F, and Ridney!

– CasperTouch

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