that bristol bass…”its essential”

before we get to the good stuff, i just gotta have some fun with this whole thing. avicii, skrillex, blah blah blah. levels, remixes, blah blah blah. none of it really interest me personally, but in my opinion if you want to hear another track featuring what has unfortunately become the most overused etta james sample ever i would personally recommend this one.

Avicii – Levels (Valero’s Tech House Remix)

and while we’re on that etta james sample, fuck flo-rida or whoever did that garbage radio song, and here is the sample used at its best in my opinion.

Pretty Lights – Finally Moving

and pretty lights taking john denver to another level
John Denver – Country Roads (Pretty Lights Remix)

Pretty Lights – Still Night

and heres a little dreamy kind of electro/dreamy/poppy/ but still dancey goodness from t-e-e-d…and its FREE DOWNLOAD, just show them some like love of facebook and its yours. click here

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Dream On

and while enjoying that dreamy pop sound check out this HUGE remix from Lenno, he kinds nails it with the big everything on this one, and its mad fun

The Knocks – Brightside (Lenno Remix)

oh, shit. that bristol bass. thats what this whole thing was about. well its another essential mix, from one of our fav and biggest names out of bristol, julio bashmore. its worth listening to every second, i kid you not…and its a FREE DOWNLOAD as well, just thought id mention!

Julio Bashmore – BBC radio 1 Essential Mix

"its essential"

enjoy the treats, laugh around


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