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If you missed the post we did a few months ago on these guys and their amazing Can’t Believe EP, then I highly recommend you wake up and check out the new Parisian deep-disco duo The Mekanism. UB resident writer CasperTouch takes a couple of minutes to catch up with Damien and Raphael to talk about their growing analogue heavy studio set-up, nightlife in Paris, and upcoming dopeness that has yet to be released

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UB: How did you originally link up and start making tracks together?

M: We first met during the summer through mutual friends. We were both looking for a new project with fresh ideas, so we made a track, and the feeling was good. So, we tried making an EP and now here we are.

UB: France is known for it’s more traditional French House sounds (obviously), but you guys are known for producing a lot of deep sounding tracks. What inclined you to sway more towards that niche sound, and who were your main influences?

M: We both love the french house and deep house, it’s just that we prefer the deep style because the bass is more present. We didn’t specifically choose to get into that niche, it just ended up sounding that way. Our main influences are soul, funk, hip hop, disco, and obviously electronic music. We try to take the best of what we like.

UB: How has the response been to your “Can’t Believe EP” on a local and international scale?

M: Amazing! We didn’t expect to have so much visibility. We’re very happy, because now a lot of people are able to hear our tracks, and that’s our main goal when we’re making music. At the moment, we mostly have international feedback. You can probably guess that France isn’t too receptive to deep house, but it’s evolving in a good way.

UB: Current studio set-up?

M: One iMac, one RME Fireface (audiocard), one midi controller, ADAM A7X (speakers), our latest baby – the MOOG Voyager RME, Universal Audio 2192 (AN/NA), one Blofeld synth, and much more to come! We believe hardware is very important when producing good quality music, so we’d like to keep collecting more and more analogue stuff.

UB: I ask this question all the time for our readers with the travel bug. What clubs would you recommend hitting up while visiting Paris?

M: Very hard question, right now it’s impossible to tell you because Paris is changing. Actually, the good parties are mostly secret ones, not in some special club. Here it’s more about promoters than clubs if you want a quality party.

UB: Would you say that the nightlife in Paris is thriving, or has room for improvement?

M: We would say there’s a lot of room for improvement. Mainly, the biggest problem is to find good places to party. When this problem is solved (if ever), we hope Paris will become a better place to go.

UB: Drink of choice?

M: We like a good vodka called “FAIR”. It’s a fair trade vodka, and we like to get involved into that kind of stuff. We also like drinking good beer.

UB: You guys have any plans to tour soon? Your sound would go over huge here in Canada.

M: We have a few dates coming up. Moscow on April 21st, London this summer, and September 4th in Ibiza. We’ll give more info soon, or you can check our Facebook page where we update as soon as something gets confirmed. And we’d love to come to Canada 😉

UB: Any upcoming releases that you’re allowed to mention?

M: We have a remix coming out on Noir music the 17th of April. It’s a remix from Super Hero and we think it will get a great public response. We’re also working on a new banging EP, and we’re trying to keep the quality high.

UB: Lastly, what would you say your most memorable gig has been?

M: At the moment, we’re just sharing a good moment with the public, and it has all been good! We hope it will always be this way.

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Mario Basanov – We Are Child Of Love (The Mekanism Remix)

The Mekanism “BETC Music” Mixtape

The Mekanism – Missing Love

– CasperTouch

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