Todd Terje // Inspector Norse

I unfortunately wasn’t legal drinking age in Canada when we first had the pleasure of hearing Nu Disco on our dance floors.  When I finally reached legal age, and no longer had to sneak into the bars, I started to grow out of electro, and familiarized myself with the soulful throwback genre that has been aiding us in sexy movement while still keeping it subtle enough so our cocktails don’t spill (those things are expensive, dude).

Todd Terje is one of the pioneering producers in Nu Disco, and a name you should definitely get familiar with if you already aren’t in the know.  Prior to this jam I’m posting, I had mostly only been bumping his nicely done Stevie Wonder edits, but this absolute gem that Todd just dropped from his new EP titled “It’s The Arps”, has climbed it’s way to the top 10 on the Indie Dance/Nu Disco charts on Beatport.  I’ve been repeating this one for about an hour now, and will definitely be dropping this track this Thursday at Profonde with Zzach.

So, here’s to doing a sexy dance, and not spilling your cocktail while you do so.

Todd Terje – Inspector Norse

–  Love Casper

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