Tom Ellis :: Hopenosis EP

I haven’t posted in a few days, but we’ve been having a pretty mild Autumn (as far as Canadian weather goes), so I’ve been taking advantage. When I’m not working or being a social human being, I’m out checking DJs spin live and taking my music in that way. This shit sounds best on a big system, after all. You can expect to hear from us a little more often when the climate decides to stop being such a great pal, and goes back to hanging out with all his friends in the land of below zero.

Speaking of seasons changing, house music has a tendency to change along with them. It gets colder outside, the music goes deeper, and a lot of cities concentrate on the grimy, wintery side of things. Welsh producer Tom Ellis recently dropped a gem of an EP full of deep jams on British imprint Indigo Raw. A trio collection of jazz and soul infused house cuts, perfect for a chill city drive, getting blunted with your crew, or jackin’ your body at your favorite late night spot. The Beatport description said the EP gives off a bit of a summer feel, but I get a more dark and airy vibe from this release, and I like it.

Tom Ellis – Hopenosis EP

– CasperTouch



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