Trevor Deep Jr. – Keep On EP// Delsin Records

Sometimes I feel like we’re posting a lot of the same artists and labels over and over again, here at UB. I’m sure you are all now familiar with the likes of Jordan Peak, Prince Club, Culprit Records, etc. It’s great that you know those artists/labels, and I’m glad we could share them with you. But, sometimes it’s nice to hear a few tracks from a producer that you’ve never heard of before, like Trevor Deep Jr. I had never heard of Trevor Deep Jr. until about 6 minutes ago when i first heard of his new 3 track EP, titled Keep On!, that just came out on the Amsterdam based imprint Delsin Records. The EP has a legitimate old school house vibe that goes really deep, and I couldn’t be more pleased with my new find.

Trevor Deep Jr. – Keep On!

Trevor Deep Jr. – Still Raw


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