umek // jay lumen //christian cambas // pleasurekraft

UMEK has been doing this forever and his collaborations always seems to bring out the absolute best in him.

Released just last week by 1605 – Music Therapy, UMEK¬†& Christian Cambas‘ Heroes Of The Night is a slovenian techno banger. the bridge/build/”drop” so to speak mid-track is just perfect! also included on the release was a Pleasurekraft remix and its a definite must listen! a nice slice of techno house (ha!), its easy dancin with this bouncy beat and wonderfully pitched up vocal sample.

also UMEK & Jay Lumen collaborated to create this tech house gem which was released last week on the final edition of Great Stuff Recordings, Munich Disco Tech vol.14: The Final Chapter.

UMEK & Jay Lumen – Sinful Ladies (Original Mix)

the christmas season is really providing some very nice early holiday treats!

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