Unofficial Bootleg DJs present dope:cast 5

While the site was down for the past couple of days we recorded the newest edition of the dope:cast, exclusively for our friends over at They’ve been showing us tons of support since we started out, so we figured we would put this together especially for them. Incase you missed it there I decided I would share it here as well.

Unofficial Bootleg presents dope:cast 5// Trip the Light Fantastic Exclusive

1. Tiger Stripes – I Found U (Kellerkind Remix)
2. Prince Club – Kool-Aid
3. Steller – Terrence
4. Gareth Craig – Digital Vinyl
5. Chaos in the CBD – Dusty Sundays
6. Huxley – Box Clever
7. Inxec & Droog – Unhinged
8. Dog Days – MIA (Rodriguez Jr Remix)
9. Jordan Peak – Missdemeanour
10. Lauhaus & Kabale Und Liebe – Hiphouse
11. Newfoundland Girls Outro


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